Posters for your classroom, a group activity or just for inspiration!

White, Black, Blue, Grey, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Red and Green in Latin

The Family/ The Household
Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt, Son, Daughter, Cousin, Husband, Wife, Brother, Sister, Freedman, Grandson, Granddaughter



Expressions of Time
At last, forever, morning, tomorrow, a short time ago, yesterday, evening, today, early morning, just now, night, afternoon, next, noon, evening 

Principal parts


Graffiti from Pompeii 

The Gods



1st Declension nouns

2nd Declension nouns

3rd Declension nouns

3rd Declension nouns (-i stem)

4th Declension nouns

5th Declension nouns

Present Tense Verb Endings

Imperfect Tense Verb Endings

Future Tense Verb Endings (1st and 2nd conjugations)

Future Tense Verb Endings (3rd and 4th conjugations) 

Perfect Tense Verb Endings

Pluperfect Tense Verb Endings

Future Perfect Tense Verb Endings   

Classroom stuff

Teacher's planner (A4 size, 8 periods, Lunchtime Activities, After School Activities, Personal Reminders)

Latin Key Terms
For the inside cover or the last page of the exercise books.

An idea about learning the Vocabulary (as inspired by one of my students)

Activity - Latine Cano

Activity - Ex Libris
Students are designing their own "ex libris" stickers for their books. The document has a collection of designs by some of my students. 

Activity - Coins of Julius Caesar and Augustus
You can choose a main topic (e.g. coins) and you can create a lap-poster for your class. Students absolutely love this poster and they are very engaged with the topic of the poster.

Activity - Moretum
You can prepare a genuine Latin recipe with your students during lesson time! The ingredients are very simple, low-budget and the final outcome really delicious. There is a Latin and English version of the recipe with a vocabulary list.  

Activity - Latin Advent Calendar
Help your students learn or refresh the numbers in Latin during December. 

Labels for exercise books
Year 7 - Boys
Year 7 - Girls 
Year 8 - Boys
Year 8 - Girls
Year 9 - Boys
Year 9 - Girls
Year 10 - Boys
Year 10 - Girls
Year 11 - Boys
Year 11 - Girls