Latin Beyond GCSE

Latin Beyond GCSE

Title: Latin Beyond GCSE
Author: John Taylor
Publisher: Bristol Classical Press
ISBN: 978 1 85399 720 4

Cover illustration: battle of legionaries and barbarians; scene from the Ludovisi sarcophagus, c. 250 AD, now in the Palazzo Altemps, Rome.

Latin Beyond GCSE covers all the linguistic requirements for the OCR AS-Level in Latin, and the grammar for A2. The first part of the book introduces new constructions and the translation of sentences from English to Latin, with practice passages for unseen translation at AS standard. The next session introduces the translation and scansion of verse, and includes passages for unseen translation and comprehension at A2 standard in both prose and verse. This is followed by longer unadapted extracts from a range of prose authors. Finally there is a reference section including a summary of all constructions, a comprehensive grammar, and a vocabulary of 1000 Latin words (with an additional list of 250 common poetic words for A2 verse passages).

Checklist with the contents and the exercises of the book so you can track your progress and complete your revision successfully.

Vocabulary list (Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Verbs)

Notes about the exercises so the students can focus more on the grammatical points rather than the vocabulary. 

Chapter 1

Use of cases, page 1
Verb tenses, page 1
Adjectives, adverbs, comparatives and superlatives, page 2
Direct questions, pages 2-3
Relative clauses, page 4
More complex relative clauses, pages 4-5
Connecting relative, page 5
Prepositions, prefixes and compounds, page 6
Present and Jussive subjunctive, pages 7-8
Wishes for the future, pages 8-9
Deliberative questions, page 9
Purpose clauses and sequence of tenses, pages 10-11
Direct and indirect commands, pages 12-13
Verbs of fearing, pages 13-14
Result clauses, pages 15-17
Indirect questions, pages 17-18
Periphrastic future subjunctive, pages 19-20

Chapter 2

Principal parts and the supine, page 21
Indirect statement, pages 22-24
Future passive infinitive, pages 24-25
Participles, pages 25-27
Ablative absolute, pages 27-28
Impersonal verbs and impersonal passive, pages 28-30
Time clauses, pages 31-33
Time clauses implying purpose, pages 33-34
Cum clauses, pages 34-35
Inverted cum clauses, page 35
Causal clauses, page 36
Concessive clauses, page 37
Conjunctions, pages 38-39

Chapter 3

Predicative dative, page 40
The gerund, pages 41-42
The gerundive, pages 43-44
Gerundive looking like a gerund, pages 44-45
Gerund changed into gerundive, pages 45-46
Conditional sentences, pages 47-49
Wishes for the present and past, pages 49-50
Use of quin and quominus, pages 50-51
Subordinate clauses in indirect speech, page 53
Conditional clauses in indirect statement, pages 53-54