Welcome to an ongoing, expanding initiative of producing and sharing free resources about Latin! "Discimus" is inspired by a quote of Seneca the Younger:

Non scholae sed vitae discimus (We learn not for school but for life).

It is great to have the opportunity to learn through different approaches, learning styles, a variety of activities, games and worksheets. All of those little things that could have a great impact on delivering a Latin lesson!

Please feel free to download, share, modify, adjust or be inspired from hundrends of resources that you can find here. Should you have any questions, please read the FAQ page or contact me. 

Iraklis Lampadariou
Founder of Discimus.co.uk, Classics Teacher
Author of the book "Latin GCSE - A Revision Handbook"

Salvete! I had a passion about languages and I was keen to discover different cultures through the characteristics of the language and the history of each country. My thirst for knowledge and understanding some of the biggest civilizations in the world, led me to complete a Bachelor degree in Classics. My desire to impart my knowledge and love of learning to children and adults guided me to start teaching since my first year as a student in the Democritus University of Thrace.

Having taught since 2005, I realised how important is for a teacher to have access to a variety of resources for enriching the lessons and to increase both the impact and the engagement of the students. This is how I came up with the idea of "Discimus" in 2017. Enjoy the resources with your students!