Would you like to learn how to search for resources?
Are you interested in uploading your own resources?
Worried about the copyright laws?

The following questions will give you the answers you are looking for!

> What is the initiative "Discimus"?

It is a website where anyone can search, download, print and modify resources about Latin. As soon as new resources are available, they are being uploaded on the website. It is an ongoing, expanding iniative with frequent updates. 

> Is it free and legal?

Yes. The resources are accessible to anyone without any registration or other login credentials (username, password). All the resources are double checked for not infringing the copyright laws. The resources that are designed for textbooks, such as the Cambridge Latin Course, are produced to be used with those textbooks, but they are not official resources or endorsed neither by the copyright holders nor the Publishers. 

> Are the resources copyrighed? 

All the resources are distributed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) Creative Commons license. Find out more about this license and Creative Commons.

> How can I search for resources?

There are three options;
a. You can click on one of the labels on the top right of the screen

b. You can visit the page "Resources" on the left of the screen
The resources are categorised primarily according to the book (textbook) with which they are linked and after by some specific labels (KS, Years, Exams). 

c. You can search the Google sheet which can be found on the page "Resources"
The resources are in chronological order. 

> I can't find what I am looking for. What shall I do?

Please send me an email at info@discimus.co.uk and we could discuss the possibility of designing a brand new resourse for your lesson, which will then be uploaded on the website so it can be used by others. 

> How does a resource look like? 

The majority of the resources are pdf files that can be downloaded straight away by just a simple click. At the bottom of the page, it is written the title of the initiative "Discimus", a short description "Free Latin Resources", the domain name "www.discimus.co.uk", the version of the specific resource (v17.1) - "v" stands for "version", the first two numbers is the the year when the resource had been uploaded (17; 2017) and the number after the full stop (1) shows the actual version of the resource. If for example, there is a mistake on a resource, I will correct the mistake and re-upload the resource online with the consecutive number (if it was 1, it will be 2, v17.2).

> I am a publisher/ author and I would like to have some resources for my book on this website. What shall I do?

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to expand the resources on "Discimus"! Please send me an e-mail at info@discimus.co.uk and we could discuss further the next steps of our co-operation. 

> Why there are not any resources for the book which I am interested in? 

I do take seriously copyright laws. This is why before uploading a resource, I always check if it can be uploaded with the holder of the copyright (publisher or author). If you can not see any resource under a book, it means that I am still waiting for a reply from the copyright holder or I have not got the permission to upload the resources that I have designed and used with my students. 

> Why there are not any translations of the texts/ exercises of the books?

It is great for a teacher to have access to translations of the texts/ exercises of a textbook. It makes the marking of the exercise books easier and less time-consuming. But unfortunately, it makes it easier for the students to find the translations, copy them and present them as their own. As this site is accesible to anyone, students may access it as well and it would be such a pity for them to copy their homework. 

> I have some resources. How can I upload them to Discimus?

That's great! Thank you very much for considering to share your own resources with the visitors of this website! You can send me an email at info@discimus.co.uk and we could discuss further the next steps.